5 reasons to travel to Budapest for dental treatment

Here are just some of the reasons why people are choosing the Hungarian capital for dental care.

Many Irish people are opting to travel abroad for dental treatment. One of the main reasons for this is the significant cost savings – dental procedures such as implants, crowns, and root canals can be expensive, and many people may not be able to afford to pay for them in Ireland.

According to research by Healthwatch, as the cost of living crisis continues, the number of people who avoid the dentist due to treatment costs has increased to 15pc – up from 12pc in October.

Over the years, Hungary has become a major destination for those seeking dental treatment abroad. Kreativ Dental Clinic in Budapest, Hungary, for example, offers up to 70pc in savings for the same treatments.

But aside from the cost savings, there are a number of reasons why Budapest is becoming a top choice for those seeking dental care – here are just some:

Quality of care and expertise

When travelling abroad for dental treatment, it’s always important to do your research, to ensure the clinic you are choosing to visit has a good reputation with experienced dental staff.

As a member of the EU, dental care in Hungary conforms to EU regulations. Hungary boasts some of the best dentistry schools and dentists, and the city of Budapest, in particular, is renowned as a dental capital, with high-quality education provided by Hungarian universities and advanced dental technology available within clinics.

Kreativ Dental Clinic has a team of highly skilled dental specialists, many of whom have been there since its inception almost 30 years ago. These include implantologists, oral surgeons, endodontists and general practitioners, who all work together to provide you with high-quality dental treatment at affordable prices.

With the increasing presence of digitalisation in our daily lives, the clinic is also consistently advancing their treatment procedures through the adoption of new dental technologies. For example, instead of traditional impressions (using a putty-like material, such as alginates, to create moulds of a patient’s teeth), the clinic can offer patients a more comfortable solution using a ‘Medit i500’ oral scanner.

During the procedure, the clinic’s dentists scan the patient’s complete dental status and the relative positions of the jaws, and it takes only a few minutes. The treatment is entirely gentle and pain-free, as impressions are taken digitally.

Mary Flanagan, who is the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland representative of Kreativ Dental Clinic and was once a patient of the clinic herself, says, “It is important to realise that cheaper costs do not necessarily mean lower quality of care. So when doing your research, as well as making sure the costs meet your budget, make sure the clinic offers exceptional service and quality.”

Past patients

Kreativ Dental has been treating Irish and worldwide patients for over 20 years. In fact, some of them are familiar faces. Eilish O’Carroll, who is well-known for her role as Winnie McGoogan in the popular BBC sitcom, ‘Mrs Brown’s Boys’ was a recent patient, and award-winning travel journalist and podcaster Ed Finn was also a previous patient.

Mary says, “Many Irish people have travelled over to the clinic for dental treatment throughout the years and have been delighted with the results, myself included. I do believe the clinic would not be in business as long as it has been if the quality wasn’t up-to-standard.

“If people are continuing to travel to Budapest for treatment, then it’s obviously a very good sign!”

Essential additional extras

When going for dental treatment abroad, it’s essential that the clinic provides you with a full breakdown of the treatment process and costs, so you understand exactly what to expect. And that you have information on aftercare details – what are your options for follow-up care or if you experience an issue when you return home after treatment?

Another benefit of Kreativ Dental is that not only do they offer a free consultation, which includes a free OPG X-ray and a full breakdown of individual treatment plans, but they also provide an aftercare service in Ireland.

Mary Flanagan says, “I believe an aftercare service in Ireland is an important factor to look into when travelling abroad for dental work in the unfortunate case that something does go wrong. This can put patients at ease. Kreativ Dental Clinic provides an aftercare service in Ireland, as well as a written guarantee.”

Mary adds, “Patients can also claim tax back, similar to an Irish dentist.”


The Irish Dental Association recently said that in some cases, dentists abroad may not be familiar with certain medications used in Ireland, and advised that dentists should always ask about your health and medical history. They also warned against travelling anywhere that may have a language barrier, as important details could get lost in translation.

Dental specialists in Budapest tend to speak excellent English at a minimum. All the staff at Kreativ Dental speak fluent English, and if there is anything you are unsure about when booking a trip over, as the Irish representative, Mary Flanagan is on-hand to help.

Seeing a beautiful city

Another compelling aspect of dental tourism abroad is getting the opportunity to combine it with a holiday or city break. There’s lots to do in Budapest, particularly coming up to Christmas. It’s an opportunity to visit Budapest’s Christmas markets!

The Budapest Christmas Fair in Vörösmarty Square is embellished with nativity scenes, handicrafts and a giant fir tree. Wandering the stalls is a feast for the senses, with the scent of cinnamon from steaming cups of wine drifting in the air, while you enjoy warm Hungarian cookies and winter drinks!

There are also many other sights worth visiting in Budapest, including the impressive Hungarian Parliament, Buda Castle and Szechenyi Spa Bath, one of the best and largest natural hot spring spa baths in Europe.

By turning your dental trip into a holiday with a companion, it can even make you feel more confident about your treatment. Plus, Budapest is only a short flight away, with an average of two flights from Dublin Airport per day.

For those considering travelling abroad for dental treatment for the first time, Kreativ Dental offers a free consultation and OPG X-ray, free accommodation for the first night in Budapest, and free airport transport. Mary can help to book your appointment at the clinic. However, do make sure there is an appointment available before booking flights, as appointments do fill up quickly.

For more information, contact Mary Flanagan, who is the ROI and NI representative for Kreativ Dental Clinic. Call Mary at (086) 029 9998 or (01) 805 5526, email [email protected] or visit kreativdentalclinic.eu


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