A glimpse into Angelina Jolie’s home in Budapest, Hungary

As the Hollywood actress extends her stay in Budapest for filming, the world is getting a glimpse of Angelina Jolie’s luxurious home away from home.

Angelina Jolie’s stay in Budapest

As we wrote about it in October, Angelina Jolie has once again found herself in Budapest, Hungary, for filming. While it’s not her first visit, this time, she has opted for a different kind of living arrangement. Over a decade ago, she and her family resided in a luxurious villa on the city’s outskirts. However, this time around, she’s chosen to stay closer to the heart of the capital, seeking a temporary home near Buda Castle, Blikk reports.

Quiet luxury near Buda Castle

Despite her global stardom, Angelina Jolie tries to maintain a low profile during her stay in Budapest. Nevertheless, locals have spotted her in the vicinity. “The complex has two exits, one of which opens onto a quieter, less busy side street. Although the building has a locked garage, Angelina Jolie always waits on the street for the black Mercedes that picks her up and takes her to the set. The actress always takes a seat in the back seat, after greeting the driver kindly,” according to an informant familiar with her routines.

Neighbourhood secrecy

Curious residents were questioned by Blikk, but they have not yet encountered the movie star and have not observed any unusual commotion in recent days. It appears that Angelina Jolie is successfully maintaining her privacy in the area.

A taste of luxury living

According to information found online, Angelina Jolie doesn’t have to venture far to fulfill her desires during her downtime. The amenities offered in her new building provide a five-star hotel experience right at her doorstep. However, these luxuries come at a considerable cost. The three-bedroom apartment, spanning more than 200 square meters, boasts a monthly rent of EUR 5,000, roughly equivalent to 2 million forints. The price tag comes with around-the-clock staff services, an unlimited spa and wellness facility, a pool, massages, sauna and even a fully-equipped gym. Cleaning and laundry services, as well as room service, are readily available to ensure residents experience the epitome of comfort and luxury. Security measures are in place to guarantee peace of mind in Jolie’s home.

Angelina Jolie’s Budapest experience

Angelina Jolie, currently portraying the role of Greek-born opera singer Maria Callas, has been filming in Budapest since late October. Despite her busy schedule, she still found time to enjoy an opera performance herself. Recently, she has attended the Opera House. She was profoundly moved by Verdi’s Requiem, wiping away tears at the conclusion of the performance. The actress displayed a keen interest in the building’s history and asked several questions to a staff member accompanying her.

Source: Blikk


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