Best Places To Visit In Central Europe: From Prague Old Town To Chain Bridge In Budapest

A Eurotrip is considered a fantastic once-in-a-lifetime holiday, so we suggest you make the most of it! Why stop at one country when you can visit the entire region of Central Europe? However, if you do not know which places are worth visiting and which are not, we are here to help you with our list of the very best ones in Central Europe. Check it out! 

Prague, Czech Republic

A city best known for its stunning historical and cultural background, romantic setting, and friendly people, Prague should be at the top of your list! 

People come here for remarkable architecture and entertainment as well, so you will have many options to choose from for the sightseeing and no moment will ever be dull! 

Make sure to visit the ornate church of St. Nicholas and do not miss the stroll across the six-century old Charles Bridge. The bridge is probably the most important and well-known monument in the country, connecting Prague Castle and the Old Town. Take your time while walking to enjoy the statues along the way and the heartfelt engraved locks on the rails! 

For comfortable and quick transportation, check out Czech trains!

Best Places To Visit In Central Europe: From Prague Old Town To Chain Bridge In Budapest

Vienna, Austria

Europe’s gem, soaking in culture and art, Austria’s capital city Vienna is visited by millions of people every year, and for good reasons too. 

Everywhere you go, the city is oozing in legacies of the great artists, such as Mozart, Beethoven, Strauss, and many more. So, if you are an art buff, Austria might just result as the highlight of your trip. 

After admiring the impressive architecture and imperial buildings, take a walk across the lovely Danube river, or visit the Opera House, if you have time to catch a show! 

Best Places To Visit In Central Europe: From Prague Old Town To Chain Bridge In Budapest


Munich, Germany

A Eurotrip is not one if you fail to visit Germany! Especially, the city of Munich. Enjoy the perfect mixture of traditions and modernism, as the city offers you sights of medieval architecture and culture while maintaining its name as the place of best technology developments and lively nights. 

Traveling to Munich is the perfect way for you to enjoy quiet, touristy daytime activities, and later on, let loose in the heat of the night. Germans are also very friendly people, so you should have plenty of opportunities to converse with the town folk. 

Make sure to visit the Deutch Museum, Olympia Park, and Schloss Nymphenburg. And these are just the three of the most popular tourist attractions here. Do not forget to improvise and let your intuition lead the way – most of the time, it makes for the most interesting stories! 

Best Places To Visit In Central Europe: From Prague Old Town To Chain Bridge In Budapest

Budapest, Hungary

Yet another city draped along the Danube river, Budapest seduces travelers with its stunning architecture, fun people, and fascinating history. 

Similar to Munich, Budapest can offer you a serene time exploring the most important sites in the city while coming alive at night as well. A few of the most dramatic and glamorous establishments here are the Parliament Building and the Buda Castle. These two are essential, no matter if you are here for a week or for the day only. However, there are just some things you cannot miss!

One of them is the Chain Bridge – one of the most important glimpses on the face of the city. 

With Budapest, it is best just to wander around and let your intuition guide you – something new and exciting can be seen at every corner! 

Also, keep in mind that Budapest is very easily reachable by trains from all over Europe. So, let’s say, for example, if you are departing from the Czech Republic, you can just hop on the Prague to Budapest train.

Best Places To Visit In Central Europe: From Prague Old Town To Chain Bridge In Budapest

 Krakow, Poland

If you are a fan of history – Krakow is the perfect place for you! It is drowning in medieval architecture and well-preserved Jewish quarters. 

Krakow is also painted on amazing canvas consisting of countrysides, castles, desserts, and all-in-all rich historical and cultural background. 

Put together an itinerary for when you are here, but make sure to leave some time to just wander about and find inspiration in every corner of this wonderful, majestic town in Central Europe. 

Did you know? A few of the most beautiful scenic places here have been declared as the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Curious? Now you will have to plan the trip here and find out which ones! 

Best Places To Visit In Central Europe: From Prague Old Town To Chain Bridge In Budapest

We hope to have steered you in the right direction for you to plan this unforgettable trip. And even though it has not even happened yet, we can guarantee – this holiday will be something you will never forget. So just remember, always be brave and curious! Nice travels!

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