Budapest on Tripadvisor’s top wine tasting list!

Tripadvisor has published its ‘Travelers’ Choice Best of the Best things to do’ list for this year. There is also Hungarian initiative among the top 20 wine tasting programmes, the Budapest Culinary & Wine Walk. The list is based on the ratings of the visitors. reported that only one percent of the 8 million programmes listed on Tripadvisor receive the Travelers’ Choice Best of the Best award. The award goes to the programmes and attractions that got the most reviews and the highest, above the average, ratings in the last 12 months. This award indicates the highest quality attractions. This year, also a Hungarian initiative appeared on the top 20 list of wine tasting programmes. Budapest Culinary & Wine Walk got the 17th place on the list. Now, let’s see the top 5!

1 Chianti Safari, Tuscany

Chianti Safari received the highest ratings and the best reviews this year. The tour starts from Florence and offers a taste of the famous Italian region of Chianti. The gastronomical and wine tasting tour is a one-day programme. Visitors can take an off-road tour on the Tuscan hills, admire the Italian villas and the vineyards. The programme is followed by wine and cheese tasting, cellar visits and a delicious dinner.

2 Old Mission Peninsula, Michigan

This program offers a five-hour insight to four vineries in Traverse City, Michigan. While learning about the vineries, visitors are presented with an amazing view of the Lake Michigan from the famous Old Mission Peninsula.

3 Tbilisi, Georgia

Kakheti wine region, near to Tbilisi, is third on the list. Visitors can explore the traditional procedure of winemaking and explore the numerous attractions of the wine region. If you are visiting the area, you should not miss out on the Bodbe Monastery and Sighnaghi, the astonishing city of love.

4 Porto

A tour to Portugal’s heart, the Douro valley, includes tasting three wines and port wine. To get a fuller experience, you can go on a boat trip, have a traditional lunch, or visit the Olive Oil Museum. The museum offers locally produced olive oil, almond and honey tasting.

5 Santorini

This sun-drenched Greek island offers a tour to 3 vineries. Wine tasting includes 12 different wines and traditional Greek mezedakia (various small dishes).

Among the top ten locations and programmes are Chile, Mexico, Madrid, Valencia and Tuscany.

Budapest Culinary & Wine Walk

Budapest Culinary & Wine Walk offers tours for small groups of eight. The tour sets off at Vásárcsanok, the largest food market in Budapest. During this fun cultural activity, you’ll have the chance to try traditional Hungarian sweets and craft chocolate. When it comes to wine tasting, visitors can savour three famous Hungarian styles. No wonder this program received such good ratings and was placed 17th on the list!


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