European Cities Cheaper To Travel To In 2022 VS 2021

For the majority of people, traveling is like fresh air. They cannot live without it. The adrenaline rush, enthusiasm, and euphoria are signs of excitement for the next trip. What if it was to Europe? They will increase times two! Home to some of the best mountains for skiing, the most wonderful sceneries, and the most notable and alluring landmarks that are classified as UNESCO World Heritage Sites, every region of Europe rises as a difficult witness to its brilliant past. There is nothing better than an awaited vacation except for feeling the joy of booking a flight and saving money. Here are the 10 European cities that are cheaper to travel to in 2022 compared to 2021, according to CheapAir’s study.

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10 Milan, Italy

Although Milan is often regarded as one of the most significant fashion hubs in the world, there are also a ton of other great activities to do there. Milan is a great place to visit since it has all the benefits of a big city but is yet relatively small, allowing visitors to easily walk to most of the city’s attractions and museums. The Duomo di Milano, the amazing Opera House, historic cathedrals, a majestic fortress, and a wide array of places and art galleries are just a few of the city’s most stunning landmarks.

  • Ticket price decreased:
    by -20.6%


9 Munich, Germany

A vacation to the Bavarian capital is everything tourists need if they are looking for the best beers, delectable food, the most picturesque panoramas, eco-parks, astounding art collections, or just want to hang out with awesome people. There are attractions for everyone in Munich, from parks, lakes, and beer gardens to museums, enormous shopping centers, and historical sites.

  • Ticket price decrease:
    by -18.8%

8 Brussels, Belgium

Brussels offers far more than most people realize as the epicenter of European culture and institutions. In addition to its world-famous waffles, chocolates, and beers, there are more than 80 museums, gorgeous landmarks, parks, and much more. The ideal time to explore the sights in Brussels is during the day so that tourists enjoy the nightlife, which includes atmospheric restaurants and pubs. Taking the tourist bus or walking about the area is enjoyable since it is safe and the population is civilized.

  • Ticket price decrease:
    by -18.2%

7 Frankfurt, Germany

Frankfurt, a thriving metropolis in the center of Europe, is well recognized for its intriguing contrasts. Tradition and modernity, culture and business, activity and tranquility, as well as international trade exhibits and finance are all beautifully contrasted here on the gorgeous River Main, with cultural and historical landscapes on the opposite side. Together, they have contributed to Frankfurt am Main‘s transformation into the prosperous, international metropolis it is today.

  • Ticket price decrease:
    by -17.8%

6 Budapest, Hungary

A city in a breathtaking natural environment with a rich architectural and historical legacy that offers an unrivaled fusion of culture, burgeoning gastronomy, the benefits of thermal waters, and world-heritage sites. Budapest, which is split in half by the Danube, is composed of Buda which exudes serenity and tranquility from one side, and Pest, from the other side, which is a bustling city with a variety of museums filled with cultural and historical artifacts and stunning Art Nouveau architecture.

  • Ticket price decrease:
    by -17.7%

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5 Madrid, Spain

Madrid is known for being a welcoming city with people from all over the world and is always upbeat and energetic. In addition to its renowned museums, restaurants serving cuisine from across the world, unrivaled nightlife, and bustling streets lined with a wide variety of stores, Madrid will amaze visitors with its serene historic locations that enchant anybody passing by.

  • Ticket price decrease:
    by -17.6%

4 Venice, Italy

The romantic city is particularly abundant in museums and significant historical structures for culture and art. Venice, a city-state made up of 118 little islands and founded in the fifth century, rose to prominence as a maritime force in the tenth century. Even the tiniest structure in the city, which is an incredible architectural marvel, has artwork by some of the greatest painters in history, like Veronese, Giorgione, Tintoretto, Titian, and others.

  • Ticket price decrease:
    by -17.1%

3 Zurich, Switzerland

With a stunning panorama of the snow-covered Swiss Alps, it features a distinctive blend of a preserved Old Town and frantic modern life. The Limmat River pours out of Lake Zurich and goes through the gorgeous town of this delightful little city, which is located on the charming northern coastline of the lake. It really is the ideal setting for spectacular shots. The Central Alps may be seen across the lake when the weather is clear.

  • Ticket price decrease:
    by -16.8%

2 Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona has grown to be one of the most popular tourist destinations in all of Spain. It offers everything tourists are looking for, including one of Europe’s oldest historical landmarks, a capital city that never sleeps, charming hinterland areas, and stunning beaches along the La Costa Brava. Its diverse collection of artistic treasures, the Romanesque churches, and the great names in modern art and architecture, Dali, Picasso, Gaudi, and Miro. Barcelona is known as the most cosmopolitan, cutting-edge, and sophisticated city in Spain.

  • Ticket price decrease:
    by -16.6%

1 Athens, Greece

The ideal Mediterranean climate mixed with the epic Greek sun, the rare fusion of glorious history with contemporary urban technology, the unity of great culture with breathtaking natural beauty, the fancy accommodations, modern modes of transportation, the vibrant pace of life, the abundance of possibilities for shopping, nightlife, as well as dining, and of course the friendliness of the Athenians people, are all characteristics of Athens.

  • Ticket price decrease:
    by -16.2%


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