Hungary Ranked Amongst Cheapest Holiday Destinations in Europe for 2022

The summer vacation season is almost here. Admires of travel see it as a good opportunity to break their daily routine by going to a new place to explore something new.

Among the European destinations that most tourists prefer to visit usually are Paris, Rome, London, and Madrid, but it is worth noting that Hungary is also considered as one of the countries that offer excellent services with fabulous landscapes where the prices are very affordable, reports.

Amidst global inflation, it has become very important for people to look for cheaper holiday destinations. Of course, Budapest’s Hungarian capital also has a lot to offer, but we should not forget other wonderful cities such as Győr, Szeged, and Tihany.

Hungary will surely leave people with very pleasant memories as any traveller can enjoy the local cuisine and be amazed by the architecture and the charming countryside while also having the chance to bathe in one of the thermal baths.

The climate of Hungary is typical continental European with hot and dry summers together with very cold winters.

It is estimated that the best time to visit Hungary is during the months of March to May, although September to November is also considered good.

The Post Office, based in the United Kingdom, publishes Holiday Money annually, ranking holiday destinations from the cheapest to the most expensive.

In addition, they compare 36 different destinations in their list, ranking them based on several criteria. Thus the ranking looks at where the best value for money can be found, which means how much you should pay for certain products in a certain country.

According to Post Office UK, these are the eight things holidaymakers often consume or use:

  • a cup of coffee
  • a bottle of beer
  • a can of coke
  • a glass of wine
  • a bottle of water
  • sunscreen
  • insect repellent, a three-course meal for two

Hungary manages to occupy 15th place on a global scale. However, according to the ranking of the EU, Hungary is in the top ten, sitting in 9th place. For these services and products mentioned, travellers must pay €83 or 33,000 HUF, while the most expensive of the items is the three-course meal, which costs €60 or 24,000 HUF.

According to a Post Office UK report published in April, Turkey and Bulgaria are also amongst the cheapest holiday destinations.

In addition, out of 36 destinations, Portugal’s Algarve holiday destination is ranked third and cheapest in the Eurozone, costing 25 per cent less than stays on the Costa del Sol, the holiday spot in Spain which holds the sixth position.


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