Passenger who missed the plane to Budapest had to pay 2000 dollars fine

A passenger planned to travel from the United States to Budapest, but due to complications at the airport, she missed the plane. In addition, she had to pay a fine of USD 2000 for not taking the flight.

Missing the plane comes with a fine?

After missing the plane to Budapest, the passenger bought a new ticket to get home. However, buying a new ticket was not enough. For “not showing up”, she had to pay an additional USD 2000 (EUR 1950). According to the airport’s explanation, they could not activate the new ticket until they had not paid the charges. The passenger’s daughter wrote to “My mom was supposed to come home from America yesterday. They left Cleveland for New York on a Delta flight. They waited 1.5 hours for their suitcases. It was an extra 20 minutes before they got to the terminal where their plane left for Budapest. The plane took off at 6.15 PM. They got to the counter at 5.10 PM. Since they had to wait so long for the suitcases and there was no one there to talk to, they missed the plane. They could not do anything, they bought a new ticket for the next flight for another USD 900 (EUR 878). As of this morning, they were fined USD 2 000/person because they did not board/travel with the flight their first ticket was for, and the new ticket will not be validated until this is paid.”

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Do American or EU rules apply to us at an American airport?

Dr. Zsolt Schiffer, D.A.S. legal defense insurance lawyer shared some useful information on what to do in a similar scenario. Firstly, what kind of rules apply to EU citizens at an American airport?

EU air passenger rights apply:

  • When travelling within the EU, whether with an EU or non-EU airline.
  • If one arrives in the EU from a third country, but only with an EU airline.
  • In case of travelling from the EU to a non-EU country (it does not matter whether the airline is an EU airline or not).

In conclusion, Hungarian passengers cannot claim EU rights if the are on a flight within the United States. However, if they fly home from there with an EU airline, then yes, or if they fly from the EU to America with any airline.

Advice: do not miss your plane because your luggage has not arrived

Although it might sound odd not to wait for your luggage, it might be the best decision. If our package does not reach the flight we are switching to, the airline is obliged to send it after us on another flight. In the event of a lost package, we can also receive compensation, and they can even pay for the clothes we bought out of necessity during the holiday. Therefore, one should not miss their plane because their luggage has not arrived. It is still cheaper to bring the bags home later at our own expense than to wait for the package on the spot and buy a new plane ticket.

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