Polkadot Hosts the Metaverse Championship in Budapest with a $36,000 Prize

BUDAPEST, Nov. 3, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Polkadot, one of the world’s best-known cryptocurrencies, will be hosting a Metaverse Championship in Budapest from 5-7 December. The event will see some of the best minds in the blockchain space compete for a share of the $36,000 prize.

After Polkadot Decoded and the success of the side events, Six/David Pethes, Darren Seah and Jonan Scheffler came together to figure out how to push web3 further through outstanding events.

Polkadot aims to innovate the usual format of hackathons, thus the championship in Budapest will offer a number of new features. The total prize pool is $36,000, plus thousands of dollars worth of tokens offered by Unit and Kilt. However, it’s not just the winnings that make it worth entering the 40-entry limit.

The hackathon will take place at Gamerland Budapest and will be judged by renowned names in blockchain including Michael Healy, Silur, Miklós Vitéz.

This year, the event is introducing several new features, including a hybrid event, a pre-education process for participants, networking opportunities for developers, and a chance for players to be featured on stage. These new additions will make the metaverse championship an even more valuable experience for everyone involved.

Applicants can qualify for the top 40 competitor limit by completing tasks before the event. To be fully prepared, a pre-educational process is provided along with the necessary equipment during the competition. These conditions are meant to provide the best possible experience for participants while ensuring that projects are created that have a real use case and can be integrated into the system.

Networking is also a key feature of the event. Developers will be able to form their own groups and connect.

The event gives competitors the opportunity to perform on stage, get visibility for their work and pitch their projects. This is an excellent chance for up-and-coming developers to get their work in front of a global audience, but it’s also a great way for established developers to stay ahead of the curve and keep their skills sharp. 

PMC will be held in a hybrid format so that viewers will be able to follow everything in the metaverse. For non-tech guests, an Onboarding Workshop will be organised to help them get started.

For more information, visit metaversechampionship.gg or contact them at https://t.me/metaversechampionship.

Contact: Fruzsina Lederer+36309141467 [email protected]

SOURCE Polkadot Metaverse Championship


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