The Bachelor Season 27, Episode 7 recap: Magic in the Air

The Bachelor Season 27

(ABC/Craig Sjodin)

Ready for another week of The Bachelor Season 27?

This week on The Bachelor Season 27, Zach Shallcross and the seven remaining women started another chapter of their international love story, this time in Budapest, Hungary. Tough decisions loom as Zach decides who he will pursue hometown and fantasy suite dates with. He keeps reiterating that his wife is in this group. Do you believe it?

While he does have strong relationships with each woman, tensions are high as the field narrows and every interaction matters. Greer seems to be back after a bout with COVID, although she didn’t join the women initially. Let’s discover what happened on The Bachelor Season 27, episode 7!

The Bachelor Season 27, Episode 7 recap

The Bachelor Season 27

(ABC/Craig Sjodin)

1. Romance City

The Bachelor Season 27’s journey took the show to Budapest, Hungary, a very romantic setting for this leg of the trip. Zach is using this week to decide who he wants to go on hometown dates with. He linked up with Jess in Budapest, where Jesse revealed that Greer has recovered and is headed to Budapest to join the crew.

Jesse also drops a clue about the first date, indicating it is the second one-on-one date with a special woman. Back at the hotel, Ariel read the date card that said Kaity would be going on the first date of this week. Brooklyn and Kat hoped it would be one of them, knowing they both seemed to be on the outs with Zach.

The couple started their date in the town, taking a ski-lift to a viewing tour overlooking the beautiful city. They then tasted some local delicacies and visited with the locals who questioned their relationship. Next, they saw a lover’s typewriter, where they wrote poems for each other. As their date was going well, the house was in shambles.

Many women were overanalyzing the wording on the first date card and what it would mean to go on a group date instead of a one-on-one date. Charity read off the next date card for the group date, showing Ariel, Charity, Gabi, and Kat would be going on a date. This meant that Brooklyn would be getting the final one-on-one date of this week and the last one before hometown dates.

2. What a Girl Wants

Zach and Kaity ended their date in the oldest bathhouse in Hungary. They wined and dined and dug deeper into their relationship. Kaity was anxious as she planned to open up more to Zach and hopefully discuss plans. She noted that she wanted a family and a man that would truly be there for her—all of the qualities she sees in The Bachelor.

Upon talking about family, Kaity revealed that if she were to go on a hometown date, Zach would meet everyone but her father. She noted that he walked out on her when she was young and then tried to return to her life when she was 16. He had missed so many important life moments that it was hard to invite him back in. Then her mother found a new man, and Kaity got close to him, but eventually, he left too. This seemed to shatter her trust in men, but she valued a good man’s importance.

Zach reassured her that he was there for her and only wanted her to share what she could. He didn’t push or pry but just comforted her and confirmed he was there for her. In the end, he gave her a rose indicating that he wanted to pursue their budding romance and meet her family as well. The two capped off their date with a dip in the historic baths.


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