What to do in Budapest in the extreme heat

With the temperature rising above 30 celsius degrees, it is more and more impossible to bear the extreme heat. However, there are some ways to escape the hot weather. Read our article to get some ideas on what to do in Budapest in such a hot weather!

Nothing better than a bath in the heat

Forbes made a list about cheap beaches in the Hungarian capital. You can swim at the beach in the Pünkösdfürdői in Óbuda for the cheapest price. You can get in at full price for HUF 2,100 (EUR 5,28) on weekdays, HUF 2,200 (EUR 5,53) on weekends. They close at 7 PM. Moreover, at Dagály Spa, Beach Bath and Swimming Pool, one can choose from seven open pools. Children (ages 3-14), pensioners and students can take a dip for HUF 2,000 (EUR 5,03) and adults for HUF 2,500 (EUR 6,28). To find out more about the prices of Budapest’s baths, read our article. We also recommend to discover the best outdoor beaches around Budapest.

Pünkösfürdő bath

Pünkösfürdő bath. Photo: Facebook/Pünkösdfürdői Strandfürdő

Try out these popular Hungarian beach foods!

Once you are at the beach in Budapest, why not try out these staple Hungarian beach foods! Lángos is probably the most beloved dish for Hungarian beach-goers. Fried in oil or fat, this flatbread is made from yeast, flour, milk, salt, and sugar. Add some garlic oil, a heap of sour cream and shredded cheese for toppings. The pancake-like palacsinta is another favourite of the Hungarians. Filled with chocholate, cottage cheese, sweet cocoa powder, or jam, this sweet delicacy is definitely worth trying out. In case you like cooking, here are the recipes for some of the most popular beach foods.


Palacsinta at Borcsa Restaurant in Balatonfüred. Photo: Facebook, Borcsa Étterem – Balatonfüred

A cold drink in the scenic rooftop bars

Rooftop bars do not only offer a beautiful view of the city, but also cold drinks to freshen up. Leo Rooftop offers a view of the Buda Castle, the Danube, the bridges and the Gresham Palace. On the 9th floor of the Marriott Hotel, you can enjoy special cocktails, wines and light meals in Liz & Chain Sky Lounge. The Sky Garden is very popular among locals not only for its central location but also for the spa’s jacuzzi. You can enjoy the staggering views of the Mátyás Church, Citadel and the Buda Castle while relaxing in the pool!

Leo Rooftop

Leo Rooftop bar. Photo: Facebook, Leo Rooftop

Heat outside? – Visit the air conditioned museums!

If the weather is unbearable outside, it is best to stay inside. However, there are some enjoyable exhibitions for these scnenarios. For example, the Hungarian National Gallery is always a good idea. As offbeatbudapest.com writes, this museum features Hungary’s top artworks from the Middle Ages through the current day. Here you can admire the works of people like József Rippl-RónaiTivadar Csontváry Kosztka, and Lajos Vajda. In addition, the newly opened Museum of Ethnography has an incredibly rich collection of all things folk culture. The Hungarian House of Parliament is also worth paying a visit to. The price is HUF 3,200 (EUR 8,05) for EU citizens, otherwise HUF 6,400 (EUR 16,10).

Hungarian National Gallery

Hungarian National Gallery. Photo: FB, Hungarian National Gallery

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Source: Forbes, offbeatbudapest.com


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